IYE24 – Fabio Keiner – AUTUMN ELEGIES

IYE24 - Fabio Keiner - AUTUMN ELEGIES 1

IYE24 – Fabio Keiner – AUTUMN ELEGIES

A warm cold amniotic and cathartic liquid, find yourself on the edge of a wood, feel the leaves play for us. Ambient, neo classical, are just two of the adjectives we could give for this music by the composer Fabio Keiner, a master in creating atmospheres carved in Carrara marble or in the water of a lake at the passage of a swan.

Fabio is Austrian and visiting his bandcamp https://fabiokeiner.bandcamp.com, you will discover a fantastic world of a true sonorous and visionary magician that will take you very far.

We are honored to be able to publish a record of a musician of such stature, able to capture the heart as few, but above all to make the mind fly for a high-level ambient.

Fabio Keiner – Autumn Elegies

1 Prelude
2 Movement 1
3 Movement 2
4 Interlude
5 Movement 3
6 Postlude

IYE24 - Fabio Keiner - AUTUMN ELEGIES 2
Fabio Keiner – Autumn Elegies
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