IYE14 – Risonanze – Continuare ad Esistere 1996

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If you are born and you grow in a town at the edge of the empire, where everything is pad, silent the meeting with a group as the Risonanze can be a turn. They were once the times of the first struggles Notav in which was shouted more now, and the hardcore was a language of boys like you could use for saying theirs. The Risonanze were a group that maybe had a brief life, but in that little time they have burnt of life, and practically all of their discography is in this job. Risonanze are also the roots of our webzine In Your Eyes, and therefore also of this netlabel In Your Ears. Today as then this disk it is important, noisy, truth and bastard.

These are the Risonanze, our noisy roots that shout inside the earth.

1- il tempo dell angelo

2- felicità

3- distanza (così lontano)

4- vivi ancora

5- violenza del nulla

6- un’ idea di differenze

7- continuare ad esistere

8- sospeso nel vuoto

9- impulso distruttivo

10- se un giorno accadesse

11- l’ altra guerra

12- fragile pensiero

13- uomo odia

Alberto Beraradinucci : Voce / Chiatara
Simone Benerecetti : Chitarra
Marco Biancardi : Basso
Marco Barile: Batteria


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IYE14 – Risonanze - Continuare ad Esistere 1996 1
Risonanze 1998 El Paso Torino

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