IYE04 – A Morning Loss

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This record was thought prepared and recorded under the influence and the nice support of INYOUREYESZINE and INYOUREARSNETLABEL. Thanks to…
All you hear came after two days of lo-fi recording on Claudia’s Mac, at her own home. Unfortunately we never have money to buy drugs, so we’ve been only inspired by thousands of Lucia’s coffees.
A Morning Loss played acoustic and classical guitars and he sang, and he haphazardly produced every song. Track n.3 is a cover, The “marveillous” New Pornographers wrote It and they won’t hate me if I didn’t have the right to do It.
Anyway if guards need to contact me My adress is Rue Des Artistes, Bloemfontein, South Africa.
Che era.

A Morning Loss

1. In the middle class decaying
2. Do no harm
3. The end of medicine (new pornographer_s cover)
4. Mother siegheil
5. Slumber parties






A Morning Loss – Mp3
A Morning Loss – Mp3

A Morning Loss – Flac
A Morning Loss – Flac

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