IYE03 – Phobos – Registrazioni Crude

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The Phobos 3 are not a music band, but a collective of musicians and friends that play in the Dragun
Pub in Camogli, usually on wednesday night, or when it’s possible.
They are focused on sonic exploration, and they seek for something that goes beyond the music, or maybe they are searching for the music herself.
The staff of In Your Ears is very proud to present you this psychidelic trip, made of passion and desire to cross the borders.
Phobos 3 can explain better.
Have a nice trip.

Intervista con i Phobos / Interview with Phobos

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Phobos – Registrazioni Crude – Mp3
Phobos – Registrazioni Crude – Mp3

Phobos – Registrazioni Crude – Flac
Phobos – Registrazioni Crude – Flac

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