IYE07 – Bainmass – Love Tribute ep

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Bainmass it’s a beat creator, a demiurge that forges new rhythms from existing structures, it shapes and gives them a new life. Bainmass it’s the beat under the skin, it’s a blink of an eye that merges with a fly of a seagulls and becomes a beat before it touches down.

Bainmass it’s a believer in the idea of the beat, searching like a surfer for the perfect wave. Member of the collective Ventidita http://ventidita.podomatic.com/ gives us the honour to release with In Your Ears, for another title of his incedible beats.

You can find him at the Circolo L’Alieno in Genoa where there are good situations, with the tireless Roberta. If there were more people like Bainmass the world would be a better place.

Leave the word to lady music.


more about Brainmass : IYE16 – BAINMASS – WINTER EP

Bainmass – Love Tribute ep FLAC
Bainmass – Love Tribute ep FLAC

Bainmass – Love Tribute ep MP3
Bainmass – Love Tribute ep MP3

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