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In Your Ears Netlabel

 In Your Eyes is pleased to present our netlabel : In Your Ears.


In Your Ears is born from the desire to promote some realities of the musical underground next to us, and we are convinced that these our friends should be known by more people as possible.


Our netlabel will release on free download according to the Creative Commons, because we believe that music must be free and enjoyed by all, like all the other arts.

The musicians involved don’t receive any compensation for their works, but they keep on for passion and for let know their music.

The In Your Eyes crew is waiting for your demos, your tips, and you insults.


First in your eyes, now in your ears, too.


We thank for the logo Mad Kime.

Our Netlabel distributes with Creative Commons Attribuzione – Non commerciale 4.0 Internazionale.

  • A collection of electronic paintings, suffused, decisive and revealing, an opening of the veil that imprisons us. Exciting and never obvious, it ranges from the ambient to the purest electronic music, conceived by a superior musical mind. Longlife Quarantine is good beyond this period we are experiencing, and will give you lots of emotions....

  • Born in 2011, JOAN’S DIARY made their debut with the ep HYSTERIA for Toten Schwan Records, followed by the album AND OR NOT (Toten Schwan / ® esisto) and HELLO, BLOODY SISTER also on Toten Schwan (which will make use of graphic works by the master Sergio Padovani) and in 2015 TSUCHIGUMO (latest release for Toten Schwan Records). They partecipate in several compilations and a 4 way split with Luciferi, OV Temple and Inghippo. The latest album was called SINDROME VAUCANSON and was released on Tu-Fa Records in Palermo. The group is made up of Davide Rossi, Luca Rossi and Eleonora Frascatore. This is a tribute to the memory of DAVIDE ROSSI who in September of the year 2019 had......

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