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ish- quiyxotl cover
06 Mag
IYE13 – Ish Il Segno – QUIYXOTL

Bjorn Jordan is a musician who already know, being a member of Phobos 3. Here with Matteo Pinna at the drums gives us the new single of Ish The sign, a very interesting project that takes us between esoteric mysteries, Tool and good writing at the edge of wet forests on the edge of the sea . ...

19 Apr
IYE12 – Suicideforce

Twelfth release for our netlabel and violence comes down on our heads. From Alessandria the Suicideforce with members of Rogue State and Eroded play powerviolence,hardcore and grind. ...

Front BMP
24 Feb

We are happy and honoured to have Nor in our label. Nor is a young rapper from Savona, a city that got a good names in rap, like Dsa Commando, Overkill Army and others....

Canções de uma Roma Negra (CAPA)
20 Gen
IYE10 – Duppy – Canções de uma Roma Negra

In mid 2012 in Salvador-Bahia/Brazil, was founded Duppy. The musical proposal of the band is mainly exploring the blend of reggae / ragga to the metal, with the theme of the letters mysticism and African culture!...

Pochette Hard Cunt Fuck netlabel
25 Nov
IYE09 – Grand Guru -Hard Cunt Fuck ep

Absolutely black, resolutely extremist, metallically chaotic, at the crossroads of experimental garage and industrial boogie, blues and psychotic Transylvanian noisy...

cover hc
10 Giu

Sometime ago it came in our mail a review request from an hardcore band from Basilicata, i’ve reviewed the Ultimo Atto from Basilicata too, and i was intrigued. I begin to listen to them and i was shocked, i see their photos and i realize that they are very young, but they got an incredibile grit and spontaneity....

cover billy james
05 Mag
IYE05 – BILLY JAMES & his One Man Band EP

Billy has born in a small town in the wild Uruguay. At a young age shows interest in the arts and It is increasingly interested in music. Gets a guitar at age 16 and began playing and learning songs. He listen and absorbs everything he can, at that moment gets to his hands the album " 20 blues classics " of Muddy Waters, his life would never be the same....

cover netlabel
30 Mar
IYE04 – A Morning Loss

A Morning Loss played acoustic and classical guitars and he sang, and he haphazardly produced every song. ...